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VA - Smallfoot (OST) [Deluxe Version] (2018) Mp3 Album 320kbps Quality
VA - Smallfoot (OST) [Deluxe Version] (2018) Mp3 Album 320kbps Quality
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    Smallfoot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] (2018) Mp3 Album 320kbps Quality


Artist: Various 

Album: Smallfoot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

Genre: Movie Soundtrack

Total Tracks: 25

Total Time: 00:01:09:46 

Total Size: 173 MB   

Quality: Mp3 320 kbps 


01. Perfection feat. Channing Tatum

02. Wonderful Life feat. Zendaya

03. Percy's Pressure feat. James Corden

04. Wonderful Questions feat. Zendaya, Channing Tatum

05. Let It Lie feat. Common

06. Moment of Truth feat. CYN

07. Finally Free feat. Niall Horan

08. This Is My World

09. Practice Gong

10. Plane Crash

11. Banished

12. Jumping Spider

13. The S.E.S.

14. New World

15. Migo Meets the Smallfoot

16. Bear Cave

17. Grow a Conscience

18. Up the Mountain

19. Behold, the Smallfoot!

20. Meechee and Percy

21. Public Betrayal

22. Dorgle Pep Talk

23. Where Is Meechee?

24. Village Escape

25. Clouds Lifted

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icon 01 Perfection.mp36.4 MB
icon 02 Wonderful Life.mp37.8 MB
icon 03 Percy's Pressure.mp35.7 MB
icon 04 Wonderful Questions.mp35.6 MB
icon 05 Let It Lie.mp312.5 MB
icon 06 Moment of Truth.mp39.3 MB
icon 07 Finally Free.mp38.3 MB
icon 08 This Is My World.mp35.8 MB
icon 09 Practice Gong.mp34.5 MB
icon 10 Plane Crash.mp33.3 MB
icon 11 Banished.mp33.4 MB
icon 12 Jumping Spider.mp34.3 MB
icon 13 The S.E.S.mp312.1 MB
icon 14 New World.mp36.3 MB
icon 15 Migo Meets the Smallfoot.mp310 MB
icon 16 Bear Cave.mp37.5 MB
icon 17 Grow a Conscience.mp34.3 MB
icon 18 Up the Mountain.mp32.3 MB
icon 19 Behold the Smallfoot!.mp39 MB
icon 20 Meechee and Percy.mp32.6 MB
icon 21 Public Betrayal.mp38.2 MB
icon 22 Dorgle Pep Talk.mp36.2 MB
icon 23 Where Is Meechee.mp35.7 MB
icon 24 Village Escape.mp311.6 MB
icon 25 Clouds Lifted.mp39.9 MB
icon cover.jpg520 KB
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